Orgonite energy can be described as a life force which permeates all living entities. Organise is the name of witch Wilhelm Reich labelled the "substratum form which all nature is created". Deadly orgonite radiation is created when electromagnetic pollution of EMI radiation permeates the sensitive life force energy surrounding us. It becomes agitated and is eventually killed off all together. Electromagnetic pollution comes from anything electrical, including power lines, refrigerators (the electrical motor in a refrigerator incidentally contributes to the food going off) TV's, even the motor in your car, resulting is us feeling electromagnetic stress.

The benefits of Orgonite:
  • Neutralise toxins and radiation from the air
  • eliminate chemtrails and keep the air clean
  • improve breathing and help with asthma
  • helps speed the healing process
  • increase endurance
  • healing headaches and migraines
  • protects from the thunder and the whirlwind surrounding
  • neutralise the effects of matter or mind-controlled device (a form of hypnosis)
    eliminate insomnia or difficulty sleeping and nightmares
  • reduce levels of stresss
  • make plants grow healthier, and more fresh and natural
  • media holistic healing

7 advantages of using objects radionic orgonite (personal orgonite) is:

  • Activate the water molecules in our cells
  • active cells in the body, and activating the body's metabolism
  • purification of blood and red blood cells as well as balance the pH in the blood
  • revitalisation of the body
  • naturally balance the nervous system
  • stabilise the temperature and regulate body temperature
  • minimise interference with the blood circulation and increase body resistance to stress and ward off disease.